Hammer + Nail NYC - Full-Service Video Production & Digital Design Studio
Hammer + Nail is a full-service digital media design and video production agency offering results-driven creative services. We propel growth for innovative and emerging brands with expertise in content creation, web & app design, brand strategy, publication & print design, and social media marketing.
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Full-service video production for brands, agencies, and start-ups, including networks, online platforms, national/international commercials, social media and experiential.


Brand strategy and workshops, naming, logo design, iconography, typography, brand guidelines and visual identity management.


Results-driven custom and responsive interactive design, web & app design, and front & backend development, e-commerce, maintenance and analytics.


Professional portraits, product and lifestyle imagery including branded imagery for social media.

Experiential Design

Interactive storytelling with environmental design including VR, AI, holograms, booths for trade shows and retail.

Publication Design

Custom books, magazines and publications with special features such as die-cuts, embossing, end-papers and foils.

Print Design

Bespoke branded design solutions for print including packaging, marketing materials, business cards and stationery.

Social Media Marketing

Branded image and video content, community management, social advertising, with demo-targeted key words and monitored effectiveness.

Strategy & Market Research

Focus group research, competitive analysis, brand audits, media planning and buying strategically positioned to elevate your brand.


Max Yampolsky
CCO + Founder

Max Yampolsky

This is where the biography for Max goes. It will say wonderful things about him which will mostly be true. Like, that he is a loyal friend, is happiest on set, was born in Russia, and loves New York in the winter.

Mainly this bio will give others the impression that Max can handle himself and your work. It will mention that he went to NYU, and that he’s won awards. It will talk about where he used to work. It will end with a charming little fact that everyone will find endearing. Like that Max’s sprit animal is a dolphin.

Camille Murphy
Design Director

Camille Murphy

This is where the biography for Camille goes. It will say wonderful things about her which will not be true. Like, that she loves getting lost in foreign countries and basket weaving in her free time.

Mainly this bio will give others the impression that Camille is creative and easy to work with. It will mention that she went to graduate school at Pratt, and that she’s a professor. It will namedrop all the places she used to work. It will end with a charming little fact that everyone will find endearing. Like that her cat Schmooza knows how to sit.

Senior UI/UX Designer

Angelina Borisova

This is where we talk about Angelina. A pixel-breathing unicorn that runs on Heavy Metal and four espressos a day. The rare breed of designer and coder, she escapes reality with gaming and early morning walks with her Jack Russell Terrier, Krum, named after the Bulgarian warlord that murdered his victims and drank wine from their skulls.

She is a Graduate of Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria with a specialty in Computer-Aided Design Technology. If she could choose another career path it would be Elon Musk’s robot dog dog-walker.

Fernando Morillo

Fernando Morillo

Fernando produces and production manages commercials, music videos, branded content, and feature films when he’s not frolicking in the Mediterranean Sea or Latin America. He’s worked with various brands and artists from Givenchy to McDonald’s, Cyndi Lauper to Nas. When he’s neither working nor traveling, Fernando is an aspiring gym bunny on a mission for gains aka seeking out another excuse to have a protein heavy meal.

Studio/Production Manager

Nicholas Echevarria

Nick is a jack of all trades and master of three. As Studio Manager, on-set Production Manager, and Project Manager, he handles daily operations and scheduling of all executive and client project flow. When not in an endless quest to find the most streamlined project management software he’s researching code, playing Magic: The Gathering, and reading obscure Wikipedia articles over spicy Ramen. Having lived in Hong Kong, Milan and Barcelona, nothing compares to the gritty pull of Bushwick for him on a cold rainy February night with Pochola his 25 year old Quaker parrot sitting on his shoulder.

Iku Okada
Graphic Designer

Iku Okada

Iku  is a Storyteller fluent in Japanese and English who combines her writing, graphic design and branding skills. Iku has authored several books of narrative essays and also has appeared in media as a critic of Japanese Otaku culture and gender issues. She may or may not be responsible for starting the global trend of painting one’s nails alternating colors. This is where we say that she is a great asset to our team and you will love working with her.



Vita’s legal name is La Dolce Vita Sophia Loren. Food-driven, being an understatement, she thrives on a raw diet of chicken hearts and lamb with a healthy mix of Spirulina and pumpkin puree. A cheese monger through and through, she pairs munching on Pecorino with Roam’s kangaroo and ostrich bones. She cares not for fetch nor frisbee. Has selective hearing and doesn’t roll out of bed for less than $10,000.

Lead Designer

Katie Lynskey

Katie loves playing video games and hanging with the fam at breweries. Thinking about needles makes her skin crawl, regardless that she has a full sleeve of some amazing artwork. She’s good at math and can roll her “r”s really well, a talent that’s earned her free espresso at cafes in Barcelona and Argentina, although she doesn’t drink coffee. Her favorite book series as a kid, Deltora Quest, is the reason she finds dragons so charming. She counts the big man-eating slug dripping with blood and the larger-than-life praying mantis lurking in the sands, as her imaginary friends. Her non-imaginary Pomeranian, Clyde, is king of the household. The fox is her spirit animal and the reason she’s so slick and sly a designer.

Copy Writer

Frank Kobola

Frank has extensive marketing experience across virtually every industry. He’s worked with brands as diverse as Hearst, T-Mobile, and the NYC Ferry. He loves taking on new challenges and finding interesting and unique ways to position brands. He’s lived in the Tri-State area his whole life and loves NYC. In his free time, he enjoys running, working out, and going for long walks with his dog. Frank is well aware that his bio is boring as F$%$ but didn’t want to put too much personal info online. He’s a good man and a copywriter with fervor.

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