NYC Brand Strategy & Creative Production Agency | Hammer + Nail
Located in New York City, Hammer + Nail is a strategic content and video production studio focused on building brands and designing creative products with the perfect combination of problem-solving and storytelling. We complete branding, design, and marketing projects for companies in all industries.
Hammer + Nail, NYC, Digital Media, Video Production, Web Design, Chelsea
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Who we are + who we’re for

We are a fully-integrated digital media production partner offering end-to-end services from brand identity and full-service digital design & development to video production and social media marketing.  We create useful and beautifully crafted, bespoke products. Always designing and developing with a social touch; and always weaving in the right combination of problem-solving and story-telling.

Our main areas of focus are emerging and international markets, entertainment, non-profit, publishing, hospitality and fashion. Our goal is to make products so robust they evoke the soul and equity of a brand by allowing it to speak for itself. Technology is important but our most important tools are our talent and imagination.

Hammer + Nail is for brands and people that want to rediscover their identity and get back to beautiful basics; for those lost in the digital race wanting to reclaim their identity.

We have one simple intention

Build great brands
for great clients.

Max Yampolsky + Camille Murphy, partners, Hammer + Nail
Max Yampolsky and Camille Murphy. Photo Credit: Trever Long
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Hammer + Nail Studio
Hammer + Nail Studio, New York City

Our Clients