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Ryan Looper

Branding + Site Design

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About This Project

Ryan Looper is the source for connecting people to wine in a personal & informative way, while creating a true representation of the wine’s soul. We branded the wine-guy-of-all-wine-guys and created this site to be the source of Ryan Looper’s ‘view from the street’ predictions which are consistently ahead of the times and an insider’s guide for the zeitgeist.

SevenFifty Daily and Eater have both quoted Ryan in articles as an expert on wine. Engagement on Instagram has increased by 200%; and while already somewhat of a wine celebrity, his persona continues to grow with fans on the streets of New York City thanking him for his pearls of wisdom and inspiration. The buzz has also helped create validation for the brand to further it’s initiatives and roll out with a much anticipated 2.0 slated for 2020.



Brand Strategy

Logo Design


UI/UX Design & Development

Web Development

Marketing Collateral

Social Media Design


Branding, Editorial, Strategy, Typography, UI/UX