Spotify Echame La Culpa, Luis Fonsi Demi Lovato Music Video Production
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Video Campaigns

About This Project

The Échame La Culpa : Luis Fonsi x Demi Lovato “Making Of” mini doc launched the debut of VivaLatino! one of the most followed music & video playlists on Spotify. An additional 80,000+ Premium Monthly Subscribers joined Spotify directly after the video dropped and VivaLatino! exactly a year later exceeded 9 million Premium Monthly Subscribers. The “Making Of” mini doc profiles the 2.3 Billion+ viewed Échame La Culpa music video starring Demi Lovato and Latin Grammy winner Luis Fonsi,  two of the most celebrated Latin artists.
Also shown here is the mini-doc we produced for Spotify’s #1 playlist Rap Caviar profiling LES NYC’s GANGCORP skate fam, an insanely talented crew that shatter perceptions of what skaters ‘should’ look like/act like.




Video Credits

Credit: Échame La Culpa – Luis Fonsi x Demi Lovato “making of” mini doc

Credit: Swervin with Gangcorp


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