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Capitol Records

Video Campaigns

About This Project

When Capitol called us about a project for Barry Gibb they weren’t jive talkin! We conceived a tone poem with Barry interacting from a first person point of view via Zoom. It’s as if a dear friend, that we haven’t seen in some time, has just come back into our lives, transmitting love, life, and ideas.

Set in RCA Nashville, in all it’s intimacy and spontaneity. These are real moments as they happen—beautiful, accidental, magic that unfolds before, during, and after a recording—putting us all right into the action rather than witnessing it from the outside.

It’s as if the viewer won the lottery and the prize is a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to spend a little time alongside a singer/ songwriter/ producer/ collaborator with a range of influences from Rock to Soul to Country to Funk and back. This is a privileged (not in the snobby manner!) pass to take in his process as well learn a few things we didn’t know about the man who wrote 1,000+ songs (Islands In The Stream!). Directed entirely remote from a cabin in Woodstock, NY, at the height of the pandemic, this stands as the most rewarding piece we produced.





Video Credits


Writer, Director and Producer 
Max Yampolsky


Keith Leman, Becky Fluke


Fernando Morillo


Editor and Colorist

Cody Buesing

Emanuele Michetti

Strategy, Video